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Usagi02 Chapter 1 Usagi01
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Chapter Info
Volume Volume 1
Japanese Title うさぎは跳ねる跳ねるはうさぎ
Romanized Title Usagi wa haneru haneru wa usagi
English Title Rabbits Jump and the Jump of Rabbits
Story Arc Shino arc
Japanese Released Put the realese date
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Rabbits Jump and the Jump of Rabbits is the 1st chapter in Samurai Usagi series by Fukushima Teppei.


Udagawa Gousuke is practicing fencing by himself in his Undercastle Residence. He is monolog through out the chapter. He said he will retired if he bald and pretend not see the fly if a fly flying over him. This statement turn out to be the consequences that her father, who he mentions bald, and his older brother, who he mentions the fly. Both of then killed by Seppuku. Gousuke always teased by people. they called him "nochoge" - a shortform from nori chomage means seaweed-haired, because his father "wearing" a few slices of seaweeds as a wig to cover his baldness.

Pounded get pounded!

He always went to the castle. There are strictly following the bushi way of life. Bushi is the most dislike term by Udagawa Gousuke. Bushi is someone who respect others' social status and detests dirtying their own reputation. But he cannot run from it because he born in samurai family. By that, everyday he is always very careful with what happens around him. First, the clothes. If he's wearing a rather expensive or bad or dirty kimono than the superior, get pounded. Although he got such a humiliation, he still respect the bushi life even his dad and older brother died because broke the slightest bushi rules.
Gousuke's father praising him

Gousuke's sword play getting better than his father

But the he decided to learn sword fighting. He asked his friends think about his decision. They refute because he will die by seppuku if he breaking bushi rules. But he doing it to support his family. Some shocked by his status even he is just 15. So he just follows his decision to learn sword fighting at Kyoumei Shikyuryu. He got such a splendid skill whenever he holding the sword. The master praise his skill. Udagawa thanked to his father who was taught him the skill even though he is way better than his father.

Shino's greeting

Shino greeting

On the way home, he thought how his social life is and he need to find another way to solve it. When he arrived at home, he feels something that he knows that will happened. As he opened the door, a stack of rabbit masks poured onto him. His wife, Udagawa Shino greets him. She always making mask for additional family expenses. But she made a weird shape from actual rabbit. He has been married Shino for a week but still he felt live with another person. They sleep separately. But this also felt by Shino. So they agreed to do that.

But one day, he feels like everything is changed. He did not get pounded by superior a bout clothing and also he did not hear any "nochoge" word anymore. He finally got the meaning of nochoge. He also get a promotion to enter the sword fighting competition within three days later. His Master chooses him because he has showed all his hardwork in the dojo. That night, his wife tempted him to eat soba a night stand. He cover his head with a towel because it is said to be demeaning to a bushi to eat at such place. So he wear a towel to cover his pride of bushi. They went home after eating soba, his wife making a few masks and went to sleep. But they are sleeping together for the first time on futon. He still remember the first time his wife stay in his house. He asked what her brother said about him that made them agreed to marry. She said that he caring and the best samurai. He know that her brother was lying. But behind the marriage itself have it secret. His senior which is her brother thought her as burden in the family. When he sleeping he heard sobbing form his wife. He know why she is crying. He made a speculation that she had been throw out from her family and force to marry an unfortunate man, son of Nochoge. But he just hope his wife be patience what's coming. He vows that he will be the great bushi someday.

Moment of realization

The moment Gousuke realized that the competition is for money, not for pride.

So three days later the competition begin. So he use this oppurtunity to show that he is great. He confronts with a compatitor, as the judge begin, he won easily. Each time his rival get up, he just can defeat him so easily. If his rival keep losing, he thought seppuku is the the last way will his rival do. But in the end he found out that this competition are only for money and popularity. That is nothing to do with him. He put all his anger by slicing the bridge out. He said to himself that he is not the best husband for Shino. He fell into the river below right after he chopped the bridge and found by his wife. His wife join into the river with him. They have a chat and he found out that the rabbit mask which his wife wearing is now more alike to a rabbit. They talked about rabbit. He now know why she like rabbit the most. What she believe has not related to pride and status. So he make a decision to open the best dojo in the world that without bushi life – the limitation of status. He also asked about why she was crying back then, she answered that was nothing related to him, he glad to hear that.

20 vs. 1

20 men vs. a rabbit

He went back to the dojo to state his resignation. His Master denied it. But Gousuke think this kind of sword fighting skill is no needed anymore. His Master give him his reward from the other day. Gousuke stated that he lose not for the money. As he want to leave, the Master asked why he made that decision. “To be a Rabbit!” is his answer. The Master claimed that his decision for not taking the money just want to be himself is ridiculous. So the Master won't accept the resignation from Gousuke. The master called his subordinates to attack Gousuke. Gousuke strikes one of them as fast as lightning. He said that he will open the best dojo in the world. All the Master subordinates attack him but he manages to conquer all the fights. The Master ran away and gave Gousuke his dojo. So after the fight of 20 vs. 1, head back to soba's stand for lunch.

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Events & Fights Edit


  • Gousuke, Father and Brother (started)
  • Gousuke joins Old Geezer's dojo (started & concluded)
  • Old Geezer giving out his dojo


  • Competition of Money (started & concluded)
  • 20 vs. 1

Skills Edit

  • Hand punch
  • Kendo
  • Drawing
  • Carving
  • Usagi Style
    • Style Swing: Rabbit Sword