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Usagi02 Chapter 2 Usagi01
Chapter Info
Volume Volume 1
Japanese Title Put japanese name here
Romanized Title Put romaji name here
English Title 2 Rabbits Sounds Too Lame
Story Arc Shino arc
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2 Rabbits Sounds Too Lame is the 1st chapter in Samurai Usagi series by Fukushima Teppei.


Some fish fell sprawled from a villager as Udagawa Gousuke accidentally bumping into him. But the villager were denied. After that Gousuke look around to find his wife had earlier walking with him. He found his wife asleep standing up in a crowd of people. While collecting fish that fell earlier, Gousuke told the production of masks for the upcoming festival in Asakusa. They take 3 days 2 nights to complete masks, causing their lack of sleep. The proposal given by Shino. Gousuke had told his wife that there was a lot of stock mask. But she did not listen to his advice and made ​​a lot of rabbit masks. Traders willing to take their masks but the amount is too much cause Gousuke and Shino have to helped to send the masks. On their way back home, Shino staggered because too sleepy. She wanted to hold his hand but he avoided. He goes on to say there are fish scales while collecting the fish earlier that would cause her hands stink. But she said that hands can be washed later. But he kept pushing her to believe the lies that he did, she then believed. But in fact he wanted to hold his wife's hand, but if done in the morning is very embarrassing for him. They fainted upon arrival at home. Even he forgot that tomorrow is an important day for him.

The next day, Gousuke rushed to his dojo as awoke late. He worried about his dojo modification workers will freak out. As soon as he arrived, the employees had gathered while waiting. Their faces were very stern and cause him to stammered while explaining why he's late. But one of the workers that prevents him to clarify and say the guy does not need to be explained because they understand. The other added, if the man is silent, he's back which will do the talking. Udagawa not understand what they say but glad they do not freak out. He explained that the name of this group of workers is "Rakan". They always used weird words such as "back of the body", "iron man", "street of justice" and others. Once he gave permission for duty, he wanted to express his dojo renovation plans. But was blocked by the head of the employee, say they know what to say Gousuke and they immediately start repair work without a plan. Gousuke praise their skills even without the basic renovation needed. But it just a misplaced praise. They done a worst modification ever. They work in silence but too silent without a single communication between them. And that cause his dojo went into the wrong way.

So, Gousuke tries to correct them through a small problem. "We're not talented!" The verses are to be dealt with if every time they reprimanded. Is time he needs to tell his plans but he's quite shy to do so. Gousuke know they want to be "iron man", so he hesitated to tell her that he wanted to build a world-famous dojo, 'Usagi Dojo Style'. Worried will be laughed. He wanted the phrase "This is a worthwhile husband for the wife' is uncovered someday. Shino asked why Gousuke face like a trapped rabbit. He denied this, but he felt strange, rabbits also have expression? She said renovation is to be completed the dojo, so she wanted him to enjoy. But for him "already nearing completion" much to worry him. But he was sure she is not too worried about a thing like that. So he determined, the next day he would tell his plans.

The next day, Gousuke seen they wear the masks that he and Shino were created for the festival. When the workers wanted to start work, he noticed one of the workers are not there. He asked one of the workers and the worker answered Jinpei had returned to the village after being laughed at by them because of interested in a local girl who were fooling him. So Gousuke opinion that they do not like people who are weak and make him difficult to tell the plan because of he felt ashamed and that he wanted to cut his own stomach. He turned his face to see a rabbit the masks that is placed on a wooden fence. He asked himself how to be like rabbits. From there he saw a map to Usagi Dojo. He felt Shino were much help and enthusiasm to tell his plans are blazing. Then he was told the plan. All the iron men there were shocked because he had a wife. Apparently they become iron men because they want to appeal to women. Gousuke think they all were looked down. After he told so, they began making the best dojo for him. Gousuke speechless after seeing the results. Thus, the first step is achieved to create the world's best dojo. Then he saw the masks that her and Shino did. He did not think that way Shino can promote her dojo. He saw his wife sleeping soundly because of the past exhaustion. Once he wants tucking her, she held his hand. Shino delirious while held his hand and said she wanted to hold his hand because of too sleepy. Gousuke want to say "yes" if she wanted to hold his hand again.