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Masayuki Settsu
Usagi01 Information Usagi02
Kanji 摂津 正雪
Gender Male
Affiliation Usagi Dojo
Occupation Samurai
Status Active
Relative(s) Udagawa Shino (sister)

Udagawa Gousuke (brother-in-law)

Age 22 years old
Abilities Sword fighting
Usagi01 Appearances Usagi02
Manga Debut Chapter 3
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Masayuki Settsu (摂津 正雪 Settsu Masayuki) is a protagonist in Samurai Usagi series by Fukushima Teppei.


Shino's older brother and a disciple at the Usagi Dojo. He is usually aloof and tries to avoid doing things he deems troublesome, but he also advises Gousuke and acts as a sort of older brother to him. He loves women and often visits tea houses in the red light district, yet he is also surprisingly thoughtful towards his own sister.