Usagi01 Udagawa Gousuke Usagi02
Udagawa Gousuke
Usagi01 Information Usagi02
Kanji 宇田川 伍助
Gender Male
Affiliation Udagawa Family
Usagi Dojo
Occupation Samurai
Status Active
Relative(s) Udagawa Shino (wife)
Age 15 years old
Abilities Sword Fighting
Mask maker
Usagi01 Appearances Usagi02
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Udagawa Gousuke is the main character in Samurai Usagi by Fukushima Teppei.


Udagawa Gousuke has received his father's dojo. His father was forced to commit sepukku and his older brother too. He hasn't much self-confidence, but mostly has his eyebrows crossed with a scowl on his face. Every day he practices fencing at a nearby dojo. At that dojo the people treat Gosuke badly and ridcule him. But, Gosuke's dream, is to create the Rabbit Style fencing, a style for people who fence, simply to enjoy it.